Youth Empowerment

Big Sandy School District

Big Sandy Booster Club sponsored John Parker, a motivational speaker, and his daughter Taylor. He spoke to every student. Grade School students discovered how they were like super heroes. Here is a sample from the 4th grade

“On Thursday I attended an assembly. It was fun! There was a speaker named John and his daughter Taylor. They taught us about not being a bully and to be a superhero. I learned a lot of cool stuff, like how being a bully can not just hurt other people. But it could hurt the bully too. And we also learned that we are all superheroes. I know it’s crazy, but think about it. We can save and help people right? Well, that makes us superheroes. Another thing I learned was, being a bully is just not right. So don’t be a bully, you with me? Yeah!!”

“I learned we all are super heroes. We help people, we protect people and we’re kind.”

“Cops are one of the best heroes.”

“I learned heroes are very strong. Then I learned I could be a superhero!”

“And it doesn’t matter if it’s verbal or physical. If you ever see someone doing it, tell the teacher.”

“…so if you are getting bullied tell somebody!”

“I know that you all will have to be kind, listen, and always be truthful.”

“John told us to listen to our parents, work hard in school, to get smart, and to be good kids in school.”

“I was bullied not to long ago. It was on my back, but I feel better. I want people to know that they are not alone and they do not have to bully. I learned that people bully because they are alone or lost, or just not well in their minds. I wish people were not bad guys, but super heroes. We need to stop bullying so people don’t think that they are ugly, fat, mean, or dumb. Just to let you know everybody is smart and beautiful.”

Between presentations he visited with me and although he never mentioned his faith during the presentations he gave at either age group it is the driven force for giving and touring with his motivational presentations.

“Do you have any issues with me talking about my faith? I was in the military and eventually got into training. My passion was helping somebody move from one level to another. At the same time, I went to a bible study called Game Changers, which came at a perfect time. I was kind of lost, because of this class I realized my passion is making you realize you can be the most of what you want to be. Helping to move you from one level to the next. What the world needs is better leadership.” He went on to say he wasn’t necessarily talking politics, but better leadership at work, in small communities, in the schools and even in the volunteer organizations. “I want them to find who they are supposed to be and start moving towards that. When you discover what your purpose is, when you discover your why. God puts that purpose in you. I find great joy in helping people find what that is.”

His daughter Taylor Parker was an all-state athlete in three sports at Bozeman High School. She went to the Air Force Academy and played in two sports, Volleyball and Basket Ball. No one played two sports at the Academy, but “no one tells Taylor Parker what she can’t do.” She was chosen Athlete of the Year, her first year, because of the hard work she put in at the academy. She understands hard work and she is a great example of how to accomplish it.”

“Times can be pretty tough, the place I always go to is to my faith it’s my draw. It’s where I get my strength, I get encouraged there. They need to draw to Him, draw to your faith. We have to be good with ourselves.”

He doesn’t mention God when he speaks in schools because he doesn’t want any parent to be offended and miss the important message he is trying to share with the students.

He changed his approach to the high school students and talked about choices. He asked high school student to believe in themselves. Telling them life needs to be lived with positive attitudes. How we live is our own choice. We choose to bully, we choose to give up, we choose to not believe in ourselves. He reminded them they do have an impact in the lives of others. “All it takes is kindness and kindness is a choice. Never give up and care about people. It’s all within your power.”

Helena Christian School

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